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As a business owner or executive, you can only achieve what you spend your limited time on during each workday!

Getting to the next level requires the ability by Business Executives to successfully identify new possibilities for a future that usually seems incredible at the time and, designating the required time to to figure our solutions and implementing them.
However most business owners and executive are always pressed for time due to having to take care of daily problems, routine matters and putting out fires, instead of dedicating ample time to strategizing, planning, organizing, training and adopting performance measurement techniques that are needed for measuring progress and improvements.

It is easy to lose focus by interruptions, urgent matters and other demands of daily business. However, only people with wisdom would admit that any desired change in the business can only begin with a change in themselves, their habits and attitude. This subject necessitates being coached professionally for better personal time management.

You have a vision in your mind of where you want the company to be; however you have no time left at the end of the day or week to work on the things that can make it happen. At the end of each week, it would help to figure out how much time went into executing the strategic objectives and goals that could transform your company to the next level, instead of routine matters. If you’re ready to take control of your time and start reaching your goals, we have the right time management tools for you.

The name of the game is working smart with focus on the strategic issues, instead of just working long hours on routines. Most executives work for very long hours and spend most of their time on tasks that could have been delegated to subordinates with a lower pay scale. To be clear, it is a combination of lack of vision, poor planning, weak leadership, followed by indecisiveness, and confirmed by the inability to hire better people,  delegating responsibility clearly and making sure that their time is being spent on key executive issues only.

We have coached countless business leaders and owners on getting control of their time. We challenge them to think outside the box to see the real potential of their company. We have succeeded in getting them to stop procrastinating, control their time, organize, plan, set goals and delegate. Such people become re-inspired, motivated and focused on what really needs to happen to run their business and their life according to clear priorities.

Client Examples

We specialize in increasing human output in business with the specific goal of increasing sales and bottom line profits. Our work is not limited to any specific industry as they are all operated by human beings. Here is a partial list of some of our clients whose sales and profits we have increased:

Company Profile: Provider of Long-Term Care Plans

A local branch of an insurance company specializing in selling long term care plans was experiencing low sales. The normal mode of sales was cold calling by sales agents who would then make an appointment to see mostly retired individuals in order to explain the program and close the sale.

In the beginning there was no methodical approach to train the callers do this successfully. After six months, the sales increased by 35% as a result of the sales training routine that was established.

Company Profile: Niche Product Importer and Distributor

This is a company specializing in importing and distribution of food items from many overseas countries to US supermarkets. They were having problems establishing contacts and working relationships with buyers of companies in order to make presentation and get orders after many repeated trials.

We managed to find and train an individual acting as an inside employee with the necessary talent of making such appointments which resulted in obtaining many appointments for the VP of Sales of the company and a 50% growth in sales within one year.

Company Profile: Established Electronics Manufacturer & Importer

This $14 million consumer electronics company produces its goods in far east and markets them mainly in Mexico and other Latin American countries. They contacted us back in 2006 with the goal of establishing better organization and increasing the performance of their staff.

This business was started by two partners who had some long term communication and working issues between them.

We helped resolve the issues in between and bring a culture to the company that resulted in much smoother operation and 30% increase in sales within one year.

Company Profile: Growing Import Business

This was a $1 million company specializing in importation of home décor items such as artificial flowers, personal care and fragrances which are mainly sold in major retail chains.

Since the company started working with us three years ago, the company has grown by 300% in sales volume through business strategies impacted and coached by us, which included forming teams of highly driven people to work with the company, design of appropriate compensation plans and formulation of new business models.

Company Profile: Venture Capital Investment Firm

This is a multi-billion dollar venture capital company specializing in high technology and financial investments. We worked with them on one of their projects in 2008. We generated a new e-commerce division to an already existing brick and mortar operation which resulted in generation of $5 million dollars additional sales for the company within the following 12 months.

This is what the CEO had to say recently when we asked him for a testimonial to be put in our web site:

“Shawn Halimi Consulting is an essential resource for any CEO or senior executive who is committed to leading their organization to new, unprecedented levels of performance. They operate as partners with passion, integrity and dedication, employing their powerful methodology to build organizations that bring out the best in people while delivering outstanding business results.”

Company Profile: High-End Jewelery Manufacturer

This diamond ring manufacturing company sold 50% of its stock to an investor who was also supposed to remain as silent partner.The way, it turned out, the investor discovered that the partner had made certain misrepresentations and the company was experiencing operating losses almost immediately after the deal was closed.

We were brought in by the investor to remedy the situation. We changed the business model by disbanding local manufacturing and transferred manufacturing to Thailand, thus reducing both the cost of goods and operating expenses drastically.

The company became profitable again and was sold with a profit to a new owner.

Company Profile: Medium-Sized Sub-Contracting Company

This is a $12 company specializing in doing installation contract work for major cable companies with a staff of 200 people.

We were asked to help them with problems regarding management issues encountered with distant local branches and their staffing. Within six months the president of the company was very satisfied with the results and reported an impressive increase in his bottom line which he confired that it directly related to our intervention.

This is a $12 company specializing in doing installation contract work for major cable companies with a staff of 200 people. We were asked to help them with problems regarding management issues encountered with distant local branches and their staffing. The president of the company was very satisfied with the results and reported an impressive increase in his bottom line directly related to our intervention.

Company Profile: Niche Architecture Component Contractor

This is a specialized contractor of building products who came to us to develop a proper infrastructure for their company after 13 years of being in business and increase their annual volume of contracts, back in 2001.

After one year we implemented a new competitive bidding system that increased the contracts on hand from $2 million to $10 million.

Company Profile: New Architectural Component Manufacturing Company

This one million dollar contractor of architectural precast components which are used as decorative pieces for buildings.

The owner of this company started a business coaching relationship with us. During the course of one year, we helped increase their sales by 75%.

We developed a system for bidding and acquiring projects which has worked very well and proved invaluable in terms of acquiring new business for the company with minimum investment and capital.

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